David M.W. Powers (1993) Calm, Chaos and Surprise! . Psycoloquy: 4(36) Categorization (7)
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Psycoloquy 4(36): Calm, Chaos and Surprise!

Book Review of Murre on Categorization

David M.W. Powers
Informatique Department
Telecom Paris (ENST)
Paris, France



Murre has put together an interesting and useful model based on a number of reasonable assumptions. The assumptions are presented in the first chapter and the model in the second. The remainder of the book presents some small experiments showing that the model is useful, and has some psychological validity. The hints in the appendices about implementing parallel nets should be of considerable value, but I have not taken the time to consider them here. Some aspects of Murre's model use techniques which are of theoretical importance in the field of parallelism per se, and both this observation and the discussion in the appendices are evidence of the interrelationship between the field of parallel distributed processing and mainstream parallel computing. Murre is to be praised for the breadth of his examination of this area.


Neural networks, neurobiology, psychology engineering, CALM, Categorizing And Learning Module, neurocomputers, catastrophic interference, genetic algorithms.