Winand H. Dittrich (1994) Cognition for Science? . Psycoloquy: 5(71) Scientific Cognition (11)
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Psycoloquy 5(71): Cognition for Science?

Book Review of Giere on Scientific Cognition

Winand H. Dittrich
University of Hertfordshire &
Psychology Division
Hatfield, AL10 9AB, UK


In this review of Giere's Cognitive Models of Science (1992), underlying theoretical assumptions of cognitive models are examined from a psychological and philosophical viewpoint. In particular, the aim of the book to constitute a unified cognitive model for the sciences is addressed. The ambiguity of cognitive processes is discussed as a major problem for cognitive explanations of science theory from a Kantian point of view.


Cognitive science, philosophy of science, cognitive models, artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitve neuroscience.