Selmer Bringsjord (1995) Agnosticism Re-revisited . Psycoloquy: 6(30) Robot Consciousness (16)
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Psycoloquy 6(30): Agnosticism Re-revisited

Reply to Brown and O'Rourke on Robot-Consciousness

Selmer Bringsjord
Dept. of Philosophy, Psychology & Cognitive Science
Department of Computer Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy NY 12180 (USA)


Brown and O'Rourke (1995) state that their argument against my first version of the Arbitrary Realization Argument (ARA1) is based on a rule of inference other than the ones I previously (1995) showed to be fallacious. Unfortunately, their argument is not based on this new rule. The rule of inference they do deploy implies that their argument has at least one false premise.


behaviorism, Chinese Room Argument, cognition, consciousness, finite automata, free will, functionalism, introspection, mind, story generation, Turing machines, Turing Test.