Joachim Krueger (1998) Rationality is Intelligent . Psycoloquy: 9(68) Social Bias (6)
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Psycoloquy 9(68): Rationality is Intelligent

Reply to Rickert on Krueger on Social-Bias

Joachim Krueger
Department of Psychology
Brown University, Box 1853
Providence, RI 02912


Rickert (1998a) argues that intelligent behavior ought to be the primary object of interest in psychological studies. Because, by his definition, creative behavior is far closer than rational behavior to the core of intelligence, little can be learned from studies of rationality. I argue instead that rational behavior is an important component of intelligence. Moreover, this component is easier to identify and more tractable than its creative cousin. Hence, I remain hopeful that the study of (ir)rationality in social contexts can be improved along the methodological lines suggested (Krueger 1998a).


creativity, intelligence, norm, rationality