David M. Rosenthal (1992) Consciousness, Plans, and Language: . Psycoloquy: 3(32) Consciousness (14)
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Psycoloquy 3(32): Consciousness, Plans, and Language:

Commentary on Bridgeman on Consciousness

David M. Rosenthal
Ph.D. Program in Philosophy
City University of New York, Graduate School
33 West 42 Street, New York, NY 10036-8099, USA



There is much in Bridgeman's account that I find congenial and compelling, especially appealing is Bridgeman's application of his thesis to the tie between consciousness and language. Nonetheless, I want to raise some questions about whether the tie he finds between plans and consciousness actually does hold. Not all memory and attention is conscious. Although attention and accessing of memories are required to execute plans, we need not be at all conscious of the relevant states of memory and attention. Nor need we be conscious of the objects that those acts of attention and accessed memories are about. We need not necessarily appeal to the executing of plans to explain the important tie between language and consciousness.


consciousness, language, plans, motivation, evolution, motor system.