Max Velmans (1992) Consciousness and Planning: . Psycoloquy: 3(34) Consciousness (16)
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Psycoloquy 3(34): Consciousness and Planning:

Commentary on Bridgeman on Consciousness

Max Velmans
Department of Psychology
Goldsmiths' College,
University of London
New Cross, London SE14 6NW.



Bridgeman's (1992) linkage of consciousness with planning may be grouped with similar proposals by Popper (1972) and Mandler (1975). But which, if any, of these proposals are correct? Before an evaluation can be undertaken it is necessary to specify the relationship of consciousness to any given candidate process unambiguously. Bridgeman's thesis is that consciousness has some special link with planning, however, the nature of this link is not explicit. Only when this conceptual clarification has been achieved will it be appropriate to turn to the question of whether consciousness relates more closely to planning than to perception, volition, choosing, remembering, responding, and so on.


consciousness, language, plans, motivation, evolution, motor system.