Bruce Bridgeman (1992) The Co-development of Consciousness and Planning . Psycoloquy: 3(39) Consciousness (21)
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Psycoloquy 3(39): The Co-development of Consciousness and Planning

Reply to Zelazo on Bridgeman on Consciousness

Bruce Bridgeman
Dept. of Psychology
Kerr Hall UCSC
Santa Cruz, Ca. 95064
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Zelazo claims the target article fails to differentiate between planning and the executions of plans, on the other. These two concepts are in fact differentiated along with other stages. Zelazo identifies a further ambiguity: executing plans cannot be synonymous with consciousness if plans can sometimes be executed without the experience of consciousness. I agree, the memory for conscious experience requires storing the event in an episodic memory. Zelazo's second line of reasoning differentiating planning and consciousness is the data on executive functions, showing that having a conscious plan does not necessarily mean being able to execute it. I agree that the interrelationships among the influences I descibe are less straightforward than those described in the target article, which represents only a start in this direction.


consciousness, language, plans, motivation, evolution, motor system.