Kennneth Shapiro (1993) Scientist-animal Bond: Better Late Than Never . Psycoloquy: 4(38) Human Animal Bond (3)
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Psycoloquy 4(38): Scientist-animal Bond: Better Late Than Never

Book Review of Davis & Balfour on Human Animal Bond

Kennneth Shapiro
Executive Director
Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PO Box 1297
Washington Grove MD 20880


Davis & Balfour (1992) appears to be a long awaited extended brief against vestiges of the ideal that individual investigators are neutral entities, divorced from any relation with their object of study. We must give up the strategy of understanding ourselves through the study of nonhuman animals as models of us. We now understand that animals are individuals embedded in interspecies social structures that include the investigator. I believe that adopting this ideal will result in a more veridical and useful understanding of animals and human-animal relations. Its adoption will also diminish the suffering and waste of lives of laboratory animals.


Human-animal bond, human-animal interactions, relationships, scientist-animal interactions, animal psychology, behavioral research, attachment, human-nonhuman relationships, behavioral arousal, rhesus monkeys, pongid pedagogy, ape cognition, automated avoidance, pseudohabitutation.