Nancy K. Innis (1993) Why Bond? . Psycoloquy: 4(41) Human Animal Bond (5)
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Psycoloquy 4(41): Why Bond?

Book Review of Davis & Balfour on Human-Animal Bond

Nancy K. Innis
Department of Psychology
University of Western Ontario
London, CANADA N6A 5C2



The title, "The inevitable bond", does this book a disservice. The subtitle is considerably more accurate. The book focuses on the ways in which the presence of humans can influence an animal's behavior and physiology. The implications of this for research with animals, and to a lesser extent for the perspective of the researcher who studies animals, are explored by the contributors. Researchers are encouraged to read this book. Both the enthusiasm of the contributors and the ideas for future work presented in the text provide a strong counterbalance to the recent negative predictions concerning the future of comparative psychology.


Human-animal bond, human-animal interactions, relationships, scientist-animal interactions, animal psychology, behavioral research, attachment, human-nonhuman relationships, behavioral arousal, rhesus monkeys, pongid pedagogy, ape cognition, automated avoidance, pseudohabitutation.