Alan D. Pickering (1993) Keeping Calm About Neural Networks . Psycoloquy: 4(46) Categorization (9)
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Psycoloquy 4(46): Keeping Calm About Neural Networks

Book Review of Murre on Categorization

Alan D. Pickering
Dept. of Psychology,
St George's Hospital Medical School,
London, UK.


Murre's (1992a) book appears at a critical time for neural network research and illustrates the difficulty which diversification brings by his attempts to keep Categorisation And Learning in Modular (CALM) neural networks synapsing with several subdomains. The test of success rests on whether a variety of specialists find CALM strong enough in their own domain, although this critical approach may do little for the integrative perspective of the book. A new and broader impetus could have been provided by links with Murre's other theme: IM vs. EM. Catastrophic interference, when modelling certain kinds of IM behaviour, might actually be NECESSARY for the psychological validity of the neural network model. More demanding and interesting data from the IM literature when simulated could show CALM in a better light.


Neural networks, neurobiology, psychology engineering, CALM, Categorizing And Learning Module, neurocomputers, catastrophic interference, genetic algorithms.