Ronald N. Giere (1993) Cognitive Models of Science . Psycoloquy: 4(56) Scientific Cognition (1)
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Psycoloquy 4(56): Cognitive Models of Science

[Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, volume 15.
Ronald N. Giere (ed.) 1992 20 Chapters, 508 pgs. Minneapolis:
University of Minnesota Press]
Precis of Giere on Scientific-Cognition

Ronald N. Giere
Department of Philosophy and
Center for Philosophy of Science
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis MN 55455


Cognitive sciences have reached a sufficient state of maturity that they can now provide a valuable resource for philosophers of science who are developing general theories of science as a human activity. Three disciplinary clusters are distinguised: (i) Artificial Intelligence (itself a branch of computer science), (ii) Cognitive Psychology, and (iii) Cognitive Neuroscience. Each of these clusters provides a group of models that might be deployed in approaching problems that are central to the philosophy of science.


Cognitive science, philosophy of science, cognitive models, artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitve neuroscience.