Albert Nigrin (1994) Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition . Psycoloquy: 5(02) Pattern Recognition (1)
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Psycoloquy 5(02): Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition

Albert Nigrin (1993)
[413 pages, Cambridge MA: The MIT Press]
Precis of Nigrin on Pattern Recognition

Albert Nigrin
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
The American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20016-8116
(202) 885-3145 [fax (202) 885-3155]


This Precis provides an overview of the book "Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition." First, it presents a list of properties that the author believes autonomous pattern classifiers should achieve. (These thirteen properties are also briefly discussed at the end.) It then describes the evolution of a self-organizing neural network called SONNET that was designed to satisfy those properties. It details the organization of (1) tutorial chapters that describe previous work; (2) chapters that present working neural networks for the context sensitive recognition of both spatial and temporal patterns; and (3) chapters that reorganize the mechanisms for competition to allow future networks to deal with synonymous and homonymic patterns in a distributed fashion.


context sensitivity, machine learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, self-organization, synonymy